Just saying… Merry Xmas!

First xmas in sg in a long time. Feeling is weird cos I shldve been in LA. I shldve been with him. I still love him and miss him all that much, and I will continue to hurt until I’ve finally come to terms with it.

This Xmas has been dampened by so many things, but im glad to hv spent it with two of the most awesomest people I could meet following the breakup - R1 & R2. R1 gave me love and showed me care that I would never expect I could ever feel again.  I love u for just being in my life and spending all these time w me. R2, yes I know you’re gg thru one of ur worst times cos of what happened, but trust me, I know exactly how it all feels. V thankful for these 2 angels who hv appeared in my life. And if it wasnt for the breakup, I wouldnt hv met them - so thank u to the m-fing bastard who decided to break my heart.

No matter how much I hate u for being a fucking coward, merry xmas to u and ur family, I still love u and miss u very much so.